Vigilon Plus Repeat Panel

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Vigilon Plus Repeat Panel

  • Vigilon’s advanced sensing technology and powerful software processing in the panel quickly identifies real fires
  • PC based commissioning tools allow complex fire plans to be configured
  • Advanced loop card technology allows for system status monitoring and diagnostics
  • Extended event log using flash memory card
  • The control panel has a simple user interface with LCD screen providing accurate information in an emergency
  • Multiple panel networks can be programmed seamlessly as one system, allowing for flexible design and system management


Vigilon Plus Repeat Panel

The loop connectable Vigilon Plus repeat panel duplicates all of the control panel indications and the essential controls. The repeat panel has its own mains derived power supply with battery for standby power in the event of mains supply failure. A lockable front door prevents unauthorised access to controls but allows all of the indicators to be seen. The panel is designed for semi-flush or surface mounting and facilitates both rear and top cable entry points. This repeat panel can be installed on a loop circuit of a Vigilon fire detection and alarm system. It can be sited near an entry or exit point of a building and fit in with the loop cable routing.

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Honeywell Gent


Addressable Fire Panel
4 Loop Fire Panel (1 loop card supplied)
Integral EN54-4 PSU and 24 hour battery standby
Batteries not included
Upgradable to 72 hour
attery standby
200 device loop capacity
800mA loop current
406mm x 403mm x 101mm
Weight 22Kg (inc batteries)