S-Quad Self-Test

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S-Quad Self-Test

  • Award-winning innovation, backed by 14 granted patents
  • Functionally test any size system within 35 minutes
  • Capture visual inspection compliance digitally through the App and Bluetooth
  • Capture corrective actions during the visual inspection to improve building safety
  • Reduce system downtime and minimise disruptions to building operations during testing
  • Reduce engineer’s toolset to just a mobile phone – no smoke poles necessary!


The Self-Test patented design performs real sensor tests by heating the heat sensing thermistor and generating real aerosol (smoke) to test the optical sensor. The small fan within the device gently blows the aerosol from the detection chamber, through the detector’s smoke entry points, into the room. This method simulates a more realistic fire test than many traditional testing methods, ensuring that the smoke entry points are not blocked and able to detect a real fire.

Each device also incorporates Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). When activated, BLE acts like a beacon in each detector that can be automatically detected by a mobile device using the CLSS app. This has many helpful features such as finding a device automatically, ensuring the device details are correct and proving that an engineer has been within the visual inspection range.

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System Requirements

• Self-Test features compatible with Vigilon and Compact Plus panels only
• MCB / MCC and loop cards will require firmware upgrades to operate Self-Test and BLE features
• Only supported on current EN54 loop cards (not legacy loop cards)
• Requires a CLSS gateway (1 per network domain)
• Requires the CLSS mobile app