Morley-IAS Max

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Morley-IAS Max

  • Optimised installation with Smart Edge and Advanced Detection technology
  • A truly scalable platform that is future proof
  • No special tools or specialised engineers needed for commissioning
  • Fast commissioning of the full network from just one panel
  • Intuitive graphic user interface
  • Reduced training time for installers and end users


The Honeywell Morley-IAS Max panel offer a cost-effective solution that is simple to install and commission. Optimised with CAN bus technology, the fire system delivers secure, robust and fast networking that is suitable for configuration for a wide range of installations, including manufacturing, warehouses, healthcare, schools and universities.

Morley-IAS Max now integrates with the Honeywell Connected Life Safety Service application (CLSS), the innovative, all-in-one cloud platform that maximises the performance of Morley-IAS Max. The new integration delivers undisputed compliance through electronic records that are available anytime, from anywhere and the ability to commission faster and more precisely than ever before.